GAMA/GKMA SWP: “Stoppage Of Supply Of Materials On Credit Affect Contractors In GKMA”- Engineer Hints



By Enock Akonnor, Editor-in-chief,

The stoppage of supply of materials on credit to contractors for the building of household bio digester toilet facilities under GAMA/GKMA SWP has come up as a cardinal challenge which is slowing the performance of some contractors within the Greater Kumasi Metropolis.

It has come to the attention of that companies freezed supply on credit condition due to fluctuations in the prices of building materials.

“Because to the price fluctuations, their creditors stopped and that is what has hindered  many contractors from completing the construction of most toilet facilities on schedule”, Ebenezer Teye Korda- Field Engineer for GKMA-KMA told the Editor-in-chief of Enock Akonnor in an exclusive interview.

Upon the premise of delayed construction and completion, he underlined that household toilet team members for GKMA are discouraged to carry on with their usual public sensitization.


Ebenezer Teye said  members of the team fail to do so in other to save them from undue pressure from payees.

Reason is that house owners after registering and making payment may come after them for the refund of their monies after realising the construction of the facility which they paid for is delayed.

He cited one occasion where a beneficiary threatened to curse a contractor because of the delayed construction of his toilet by the latter as though he (contractor) has squandered his money.

He therefore admonished contractors to try as much as they can to stock materials now that the Ghana Cedi has appreciated “so that when there is price fluctuation they will not be affected”.

He again called on them to try as much as they can to maximize their profit by constructing more of the household toilet facilities.

“They more they build, the more money they get”.

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