GAMA/GKMA SWP: SPIs Delay Construction Of Household Bio Digester Toilet Facility @ Bantama Sub Metro

By Enock Akonnor;

Bantama sub metro has identified delay in the construction of household bio digester toilet facility under the GAMA/GKMA Sanition and Water project as a great challenge.

Special Project Implementers (SPI) are in charge of the construction and installation of the facility and per underground checks conducted by some (SPIs) are unable to complete the project on schedule.

The reason is partly due to unreliable artisans who give up on the job to start their own after realizing they have gained the knowledge and job experience they need.

Aside the foregoing, most of the houses registered for the facility are not viable in terms of space.

Some too are sited in waterlogged areas.

Nothwistanding the above-mentioned challenges, Senior Social Development Officer Mr. Mansuru Latiff told in an exclusive interview that they are still doing their best to ensure that the bio digester toilet facilities are constructed on time for all registered households.

He said that so far 121 bio digester toilets have been constructed within the Bantama Sub metro.

628 households have registered for the facility and out of the number , 182 have made payment.

Figures captured on the number of household toilets constructed within the remaining 7 assemblies according to the GKMA Household Toilet League Table at3th December 2022 are catalogued below;

Ejisu- 1094


Asokwa- 680

Suame- 646

Oforikrom- 623

Old Tafo- 588

KMA- 522

Asokore Mampong- 498

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