Forget about witches and wizards, use this common leaf to catch them physically

There are so many leaves you won’t believe can catch witches and wizards physically.

Witches are known to be highly satanic, dangerous and harmful in our community and society.

It will be very great to actually see witches who are the cause of your many problems in life.

Many people are of the opinion that witches are supposed to be kept away from people since they cause more harm to people secretly.

Below are some five leaves which can help you to catch witches physically and know how to stay away from them.

1. Cassava leaves

Cassava leaves are known to be one of the best leaves that can be used to catch witches.

2. Somasa leaves

Another effective leave that can be used to catch witches physically due to the pungent scent it has Somasa leaf.

3. Azum leaves

This also has a very offensive scent that witches dislike. This leaf can also help to catch witches physically.

4 Acheampong leaves

Many people do not believe “achempong” can help catch witches but trust me it is very effective and also very sharp.

5. Zanzama leave

The name of this particular leave is a little funny but it’s very quick and easy to use to catch witches physically.

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