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Forget About The Mechanic Workshop, See How To Fix Your Car With These Tips

On many occasions, we spend Soo much money than we ought to spend on our cars at the mechanic workshop.

The reason is premised on the fact that we lack the knowledge on some basic things.

There are Soo many easy tips that can help you fix your car on your own even without the assistance of a mechanic.

Provided below are some of them;


When your car fails to start in the morning when you want to move it, it can be frustrating or discouraging especially when you are in a hurry for an emergency situation.

Some of the things you will need to do in the first place before calling your mechanic includes:

A. Check The Battery Of Your Car

The problem maybe with your battery terminal.

Check out to see if it is not properly tightened and if it is, try another battery and see if the car will start.

Sometimes we do not turn off our car’s electronic components while some people charge their phones in the car for a long period.

This can drain the battery of the car.

If the battery has been used for a long time like over 5years then it means it needs replacement.

How can I detect if the fault is from the battery?

Keenly observe the sound it generates and the inner lights of the car when you try to start the car.

If it occurs that the inner light does not come on or the noise is slow, then the fault is from the battery.

B. Try and Check The Alternator

Try your best by starting the car with another battery.

Unplug the battery, if the car goes off then it means your alternator is faulty.

As quickly as possible, consult your mechanic to change your alternator.

It will be of much prudence if you buy it (alternator) yourself and give it to him to change it.

This to avoid your mechanic from cheating you or buying a bad alternator.

C. Detach The Fan From The Radiator

Try and detach the fan from the radiator if the battery is charged, then switch off all the electrical appliances of the car such as wiper, light, radio, Air conditioners and cars indicators. Then you unplug your radiator fan.

Then you attach the radiator fan back to avoid overheating if the car starts.

D. Push To Start

In case you are driving a manual vehicle, try to push the car until it starts. Get someone to assist you to push the car while you shift the gear, step on the clutch and start the car.

E. Try and Clean The Corroded Terminals With Coke

Corrosion alone can prevent your car from starting.

Remove the terminal and pour a small amount of coke on the battery head and the terminal to do away with the corrosion.

Allow it to soak for some few minutes, before you start cleaning it with a wet cloth.

I hope this article has been very useful.

Thank you very much

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