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Forget about phone repairers: see how to flash your phone in the house

One of the highly popular reasons people choose to flash their phones is because of the fact that their phone has started to malfunction.

One popular thing these malfunctioning phones have in common is freezing, commonly called “hanging”.

This is when in the process of operating your phone it stops functioning and everything in your phone screen seems to pause without moving even when you touch the screen.

Phone screen of some people’s just turn white for a long time before returning back to normal, and this is particularly very annoying.

What many people do when this happens is to take their phone to an engineer for what is called “flashing” in other for the phone to return back to functioning properly. It is cardinal to note that these engineers do not do it for free, they charge a price.

With the kinds of android phones that are being used these days the price for flashing them starts from a hundred Ghana cedis.

However, what if you do not have the money? What if you need your phone so badly at that point in time? You should know that you can flash your phone yourself. In this article, I would be putting you through an easy way in which you can use in flashing your phone at no cost.

Firstly, you need to take out your SIM card, back up some important files or contacts probably on your Email account, this is because flashing involves clearing up your phone. Make sure your battery is not too low, preferably over 60%. After doing this, switch off your phone. Now all you need to do is to hold down your power button and your volume button, just one of the volume buttons all together (power button+ volume button). Hold it down till you see something like this in the photo below.

After it shows, use your volume button to scroll down to wipe data/reset factory.

This would take a little time before you are alerted that the process is complete. You can now use your volume button to scroll up to reboot then watch your phone start working properly.

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