Forget about network marketing, it makes people poor

First of all it’s not your own business. A lot of people join network marketing firm because they think it’s their own business .

A business is when you actually use all your resources and marketing in order to share with the world, add more value to the world and receive a profit in return.

Primarily, what you are doing is that you are leveraging someone else’s product or network and your refereing to it as your own business.

So when you join a network marketing firm, what normally happen is that you’ve to pay a fee for a startup cost.

You use to go to meetings and you use to find a mentor only about that network marketing firm.

And most of the time this can be a trap for other people because they think that their mentor is going to mentor them in different department of their life .

But the reality is that that mentor wants you to succeed in that business and doesn’t really care about other things that you do in your life.

Another thing you should know about network marketing is that , you can never really be greater than it creater and this is number one take away I want to share with you.

Because if you’rethinking that you want to be a more time millionaire or billionaire you got to realize that the person who created that have already created a system that you cannot surpass .

In my opinion, I believe that most business can be start and run successful within five to ten years.

And if you really want to into business consider starting something from scratch , something you really believe in, something you understand it going to work, something you understand is going to add real value into the world .

Don’t worry the things peoples are saying is hard , focus on what what you really truly want to do in your life. Focus on your purpose , passion and remember if you can find a way that serve people’s by growing you skills through mastering your craft and focusing on what you can do in the market place and eventually your business will grow.

If you are into network marketing think of this , Can you ever leave your job feeling that you actually own your business and creating real impact in the world?.

Am not saying all business have to be created from scratch. Perhaps you can inherit or buy a business and take it over but what am saying is with network marketing it’s not your own business you didn’t start from beginning and it kind of hard to understand the founders mentality .

So that’s my take in network marketing ; You cannot be greater than it creater.

Source; opera news

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