Forget About Mansion…This 2-bedroom House Will Save You Much Money

Welcome home my dear friend.

Do you love looking at photos of a small house just to inspire you in building your future home?

If you do, then you will be so much amazed at this simple two-bedroom small house.

In fact this small house is very simple, minimalist, and very compact as well.

This is ideal for single occupants who are looking for independence and privacy.

You can also make it as your vacation home or residence, an escape from the noise urban life.

It is very affordable to build because it is two-bedroom and doesn’t really need expensive materials to build it.

Looking at its adorable facade, you will really fall in love with it because of its simplicity and elegance.

A very beautiful house doesn’t really need to be lavishly decorated.

As long as it looks dainty and orderly and is painted with a relaxing color, then it is a beautiful house.

Now it is estimated to cost around USD12,000-20,000 .

But you know this is just a rough estimate. It can actually be reduced or increased depending on the kind of materials, labor, and the kind of finishing that you want for your house.

Just check its floor plan below.

It is compact and designed as a minimalist house. If you are not choosy and require a spacious house, this is the perfect house for you.

I also personally like it because of its simplicity. I like simple houses.

Thank you very much for your time.

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