Forget about malt n milk, use these to replinish your blood quickly

Many people thought that malt & milk is a blood tonic, and they also thought that it gives blood.

Malt and milk gives other nutrients to the body but not blood.

Iron as a nutrient helps in blood production of which malt and milk doesn’t contain iron.

If you want to replenish your blood, there are other foods you can eat that will give you iron and also help in blood production.

Here are the 2 foods that can help you replenish your blood quickly:

1. Fish:

Instead of drinking malt and milk eat a meal that has lots of fish, it will help to replenish your blood because it has lots of nutrients and it’s rich in iron. So eat lots of fish is good for your body.

2. Pumpkin leaf:

Pumpkin leaf is well known as “UGU” it contains lots of nutrients such as: potassium, iron, calcium and lots more. It is very rich in iron and when consumed it will help in replenishment of blood and blood production. It’s very good for replenishing your blood.

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