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Forget About Hackers; This Is How To Unblock Your WhatsApp Number

Wow! Are you a victim of WhatsApp hackers? Has your WhatsApp number been blocked by hackers?

If yes worry no more. has provided below steps on how to unblock your WhatsApp.

Here we go;

1. Select your VPN:

If you already have one, you should be good to go since most reputable providers will get around a WhatsApp ban.

If not, a quick look at our top VPN list will help you get started.

2. Install the VPN app:

Once you have signed up for the VPN, head to the App Store (iPhones) or Google Play Store (Android phones) and quickly download the relevant app.

Again, all decent providers have a mobile VPN app as standard.

3. Quickly Open the VPN app:

In fact you will have to sign into your account and agree to privacy terms and required permissions, too.

4. Hit ‘connect’:

The app will make it very clear as to what to press to turn on your VPN

5. Select a server:

The VPN app will automatically link you up you to the most optimal server for you.

To unblock WhatsApp at an office or school, you just want the fastest, local server that will make you appear to be outside the building – and you are done!

Now if you are facing a country-wide block though, you will need to continue with the remaining steps…

6. Choose another location:

Search the list of VPN server locations:

usually by tapping on ‘location’ or something similar or using the geographical map which is provided in app.

Pick up a server outside of the country you’re in.

7.Use WhatsApp as normal:

Good news. You have successfully unblocked WhatsApp!

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