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Forget about electricity: see how to charge your phone with water and salt

Swedish developers at MyFc have created JAQ, a portable charger that uses salt and water to charge up phone. The cell works by having a disposable power card, which contains salt and water, inserted into the charger.

Inside the cell, the salt and water reacts so as to produce hydrogen.

To charge your phone, users simply pour out water into the tray, place a PowerPukk cartridge in the tray, cover the system, then connect a phone with a USB cable.

Minerals water, salt water, or dirty water from streams/puddles (so long as it contains no sediments) are all fine to power up the device.

Salt water by nature is corrosive and will definitely damage your phone, water-resistant or not. Other liquids too may cause problems. That’s why it’s very important to get it rinsed as soon as possible.

Materials you have to get

1. A quality charger

2. Pair of cup

3. Your smartphone

4. Two cups of water


1. Get your pair of cup and fill it with water

2. Drop some quantity of salt in it

3. Place the two aluminium ends of your charger in it and then plug your charger.

You are good to go.

Source; opera news

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