Forget about DNA test. This is how to know the father of your children



DNA test has been and it’s as yet the most exact approach to decide the dad of your kid yet the expense is frightening off many. 

Be that as it may, utilize the accompanying methods to recognize the dad of your kid;

1.Eye Color, Hair shading and Earlobe Test

To decide paternity by watching the qualities of the supposed dad you can utilize an Identigene Calculator.

This is a multi-attribute paternity mini-computer that utilizes the hair shading, ear flap and eye shading characteristics to decide if a person is actually the dad of the child.


The test depends on a hypothesis about qualities and how they are acquired by the child from the organic guardians.

2.Conception Date

The origination date can be followed utilizing the menstrual pattern of the mother.

It is an excellent indicator of paternity since the lady knows well who they had sex with around then.

3. Genetic Behavior

Hereditary conduct went from parent to kid can give you a clue with regards to who the dad of infant is.

A child gets certain conduct characteristics from their folks which become clear when the infant develops.

4. Blood Type Test

Before the innovation of DNA testing, blood classification tests were the standard test for paternity.

Test depends on the ABO blood composing framework when you are either a blood classification A,B, AB or O, the qualities that code for blood classification acquired so you effectively kill a dad dependent on the blood classification of the kid.

For instance, it isn’t feasible for a mother with blood classification B blood to have a child with type AB blood with a dad who is type O.

5. The feet

You can enlighten alot concerning somebody by watching an individual’s feet. It is likewise conceivable to dispense with an expected dad by watching the infant’s feet and especially the toes

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