For Only Men: How to be a real man in bed

The content of this piece carries a great secret that will make you a real man in bed through the application of just 3 ingredients. They are provided below:

  1. ONION: Onion aids in increasing the blood flow through the veins of an individual.
  2. GINGER: This also increases your libido to be in the mood
  3. GARLIC: Garlic also just like onion helps in the circulation of blood and also helps in the repair of all the organs in the human body.


First of all cut the onions into small sizes or pieces right after peeling off the outer layer. Similarly, peel off the outer layer of the ginger and garlic and cut them into pieces just as you did in the case of onion.

Mix up the whole pieces and put them in a blender. Blend till you get a paste.

After blending, pour the paste into a filter and sieve the liquid out of the solid part.

Quickly pour out  the liquid into a glass or cup.

The mixture is now ready for consumption.  You can add some of amount of honey to it just to minimize the scent and taste of the garlic and ginger.

Note: For effective results, take a glass of the mixture before you meet your partner or you can decide to take a glass of it three times for a permanent repair of the weak sexual life.



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