FOR MEN: Still eating these foods? Avoid them quickly, they can damage the prostate gland

Men aged 50 and above are more expose to having unfavourably issues with their prostate glands.

Most of them include prostate cancer, acute and chronic prostatitis, and benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.

Various studies have shown that what you eat can have an impact negatively on your prostate health.

Foods that are said to increase your risk of suffering from prostate problems mentioned earlier are those that trigger chronic inflammation and increase bad cholesterol levels.

Staying away from these foods, is one of the most cardinal steps that need to be taken if you want to keep your prostate glands in a good shape.

Ensure that you limit your consumption of the following foods that are linked to prostate problems.

Red meat

It may supply your body with good amounts of protein and iron, but red meat can increase your chances of ending up with prostate cancer. Red meat that is cooked at high temperature is said to be the kind that can increase your risk of having cancer of the prostate by 12 percent.

Saturated fats

Here’s is a reason why it’s not a good idea to step foot in your favourite fast food joint: saturated fats may increase your odds of having prostate cancer, and heart disease. Ditch foods contain saturated fats and switch to those of healthy fats for your prostate’s sake.

Calcium supplements

Having strong bones is important, but taking calcium supplements may increase your likelihood of having issues with the prostate glands.

Since diary products are packed with calcium but put you at risk of prostate cancer, get your dose of the bone-strenghtening mineral from non-diary sources like chia seeds, almonds, figs and fermented tofu.

Experts say that a diet that’s high in milk, cheese, butter and other diary products is linked to higher risk of prostate cancer.

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