For Men Only: Never Tell A Woman These 6 Things Even If You Love Her



Did you know ladies are very sensitive to simple things especially when coming from the person they love? Well, if you didn’t know pick this lesson. Let’s assume you come across a beautiful girl, she has a nice shape and all those interesting features. You fall in love, and you ready to date her, she agrees and you are all ready to experience love life. You would feel excited, then you are head over hills in love, that’s when you feel you can tell her everything. Let me stop you there, don’t let love blind your eyes, there are things you should never tell a woman no matter how you love her.

*1) Never tell her your family secret:*

I know you might see your girlfriend or your wife as your family, but she is not. As far as you both are not fully related by blood, she has no business knowing family secrets. If you tell her your family deep secrets, a day would come she would use it against you, and you would get hurt that day.

*2. Don’t ever tell her about how many women you have been within your life*
This is a red zone, she would always suspect you. I know that sometimes it is best to be open, but being too open has a lot of consequences. You can tell her you have an ex, but if you have been with more than 15 Women, just keep that to yourself.

*3. Do not tell her any bad thing that your family said about her.*


This would hurt her and might create an unnecessary grudge, and she might start to dislike your family and end up leaving you. Instead, try to correct her if she makes a mistake, never tell her hurtful words said by your family.

*4. Never tell her another woman’s food tastes better than hers* .

that is a no-go area. Even if someone cooks better than your wife or girlfriend, keep the information to yourself. No woman wants to hear that her lover enjoys another woman’s food, that is just like cheating. Even if you are comfortable with her, do not ever tell her that because you will ruin your relationship.

*5. Never tell her you will take her to college or any training.*

This will probably end in tears. A lot of men that did this always end up regretting it, if you tell her you would train her in school she might still not end up marrying you. Leave that job to her father.

*6. Never disclose to her when sending money to your family or friends* .

Send them on your own. A lot of women can be very troublesome, when they find out you want to help someone or your family out, they will start quarreling with you. They might get jealous and even accuse you of neglecting her family, she might end up discouraging you to do otherwise.

Hope you have learned something.

A lot of people might disagree with this, but there is a lot of sense to it. Some families are already experiencing most of these problems, sometimes it is best to avoid them and be happy.


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