For men: drink onion water every morning to boost your duration in bed



Onion has been discovered to contain medicinal and therapeutic properties which are highly useful in humans .

A good source of vitamins and minerals like Vit A , Vit B . This article touches some benefits of Onions in males .

1 . Strengthen the male reproductive organ:

Onion helps in the smooth flow of blood throughout the body which therefore increases duration of sexual intercourse in men .

2 . Testosterone increment : Testosterone is a male hormone that plays a significant role in a male reproductive system . Drinking onion water everyday would help to boost this hormone thereby helping in the production of seminal fluid .


3 . Onion helps to relieve stress : Eating onion and drinking it’s water on a regular basis can help to relieve stress and prevent anxiety because men are likely to suffer from mental issues by a higher percentage compared to females .

4 . Onion can help prevent baldness : Drinking onion water and applying its juice on the hair prevents baldness in male and hair loss. Applying its juice guarantees hair growth.

Source; opera news

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