FOR LADIES: Avoid These 4 Things During Menstruation, Number 3 Can Make You Barren

Are you aware that certain lifestyle patterns affect women when they are within their Menstruation period?

Well if you are not privy to that, count yourself lucky because will school you through this article on some of the things women should avoid when they are in their period.

Provided below are some of them;

1. Never drink iced water, sparkling water, or coconut during your period.

2. Never apply shampoo. This is because of the fact that the pores of the head are open during menstruation and can cause headaches (hitting the head from the wind), it is very dangerous and it is felt when you are young and older late.

3. Do not eat cucumbers when you are in your period because the sap in the cucumber can block some periods (blood loss) in the uterine wall and cause infertility.

4. Also when a lady is in her menstruation, her body should not be hit or hit by hard objects, especially the abdomen, because of the fact that it may cause vomiting of blood, the uterus may be injured.

And these are some of the factors that trigger “the origin of uterine cancer, cysts, and barriers

Medical research has shown that drinking ice during menstruation can clot the menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall, after 5-10 years can cause uterine cancer or tumors.

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