FMEA20 Set To Unveil Nominees For 2021 Media Awards Event

Floodlight media Productions is a registered media company that renders service like event organization, event promotion, Artist Management and online production.

We are also passionate of dedicating our time and effort to nature talented and empower the youth through training as to how they can fit into the society as well as Rewarding Excellence.

Their vision and mission is to empower and nurture the talented youth in the society and event organization, also to make positive impact on our youth in the media.

FLOODLIGHT MEDIA EXCELLENCE AWARDS is an award scheme that seek to celebrate and reward the hardworking media personalities and media practitioners, through competition and recognition of excellence at training stage.

Under the auspices of Floodlight Media Productions,FMEA20 is set to launch and unveil nominees for the maiden edition virtually due to fear of Covid-19.

The event unfolds Saturday,30th January 2021 at 2pm.The launching and unveiling of nominees will be aired via free to air television stations as well as a live stream across Facebook and YouTube.

The launching and unveiling of nominees for FMEA20 is expected to attract online patrons and the entire populace via free to air television stations.

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