“Fix The Country”: Church Leaders Hold Conference In Kumasi

Renowned Pastors in Ashanti region have held a 3-day seminar in Kumasi; aimed at enlightening the clergy on their role in fixing the country.

Being the first of its kind, it sought to empower participants to enforce behavioral change in their Church members and the citizenry at large.

Doing so as explained by organizers of the seminar will bring about attitudinal change in the country.

Speakers at the event were Rtd Archbishop of the Anglican Church- Kumasi Diocese Most Reverend Professor Daniel Yinkah Sarfo, Rtd Rev. Prof Osei Sarfo Kantanka of the Methodist Church, Rev Douglas Frimpong plus a host of other renowned men of God.

The conference was held on 1st- 3rd September 2021 under the auspices of St. Georgina Health Care & Consultancy.

Delivering his address, Most Reverend Professor Yinkah Sarfo negated pressure exerted by the masses on government to fix the country.

He underlined without mincing words that all have contributed to the mess Ghana is currently facing.

He strong reprimanded the Church by indicating that the clergy has failed to speak against the ills committed by the citizenry.

Reverend Yinkah Sarfo registered his disapproval against how some Men of God dwell their sermons on prosperity messages characteristically principles of success instead of focusing on preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ.

“Don’t preach principles of success. Preach the Gospel.

Such sermons (prosperity) cannot save the soul”, he admonished.

Initiator of the seminar; Dr. Godfred Andoh who is a Public Health Consultant and a Pastor for Truth Revival Ministry also said he is disappointed in Church.

He explained that Pastors are no more preaching and teaching the truth but are only interested in enriching themselves.

“I am really disappointed. I believe the church has failed the nation.

Pastors who are suppose to be teaching their members are the ones creating problems for their members.

If the nation will prosper it will depend on the church because the church forms about 70 percent of the country’s population.”

He underlined in an exclusive interview with that ” if the church does what is right, the country will progress… If we are talking about fixing the country, it should start from the Church”.


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