Fire-For-Fire: Lawyer, Lecturer Fingered For ‘Fighting’ Renomination Of KMA Boss

Critique by Lawyer William Kusi, a legal practitioner and Mr. Aaron Kumah; a Senior Lecturer against the administrative delivery of the City Mayor of Kumasi Hon Osei Assibey has attracted a venomous rebuttal from a medical practitioner Dr. Kwabena Frimpong.

On Tuesday 16th March 2021 in an interview with Oyerepa Fm as reported by opera news, the duo who according to media report are leading a strong opposition against the city mayor heavily castigated the latter, describing him as “the worst KMA Boss in recent history.”

According to their charges, the mayor lacks initiative and what it takes to develop the metropolis and therefore needs to be placed in a different position and replaced with a more competent person. “All road projects ongoing are central government projects. In spite of all the tolls being taken, filth remains the order of the day in the metropolis. What has the assembly achieved under this leader? You only hear him talk when there is a problem”


On the flip side, Dr. Kwabena Frimpong who is highly peeved by the comments of the duo said he is quite surprised and disappointed over why Lawyer William Kusi with all his experience in law and Mr. Aaron Kuma cannot conceive what it takes to manage Kumasi.

He said that as a lecturer (Mr. Aaron Kuma) in a research environment, one would expect him to analyze logically before he makes any comment.

“These two fall short in their professional integrity. They have singled themselves out from legal and academia profession as tow individuals who seek attention and self-interest and are being influenced by personal interest”.

He made a strong defense in his reaction that “In-fact of all the Assemblies, the Kumasi Metropolis is the most complex and delicate to manage. It needs somebody with a humble character and good leadership style, someone who is self-confident without being self-assertive, proud but not vain, someone who applies simple standards of decent conduct to intricate problems like Osei Assibey Antwi to manage Kumasi.

The current Metro Chief Executive of Kumasi, Hon Osei Assibey-Antwi has organized and managed the crises in Kumasi very well. There is a saying ‘nobody is perfect’: his ability to learn and adapt to the complex environment and how he is able to manage and hold Kumasi together from the period of four (4) years considering all the financial difficulties of the Assembly, the problem of decongestion, relocation and COVID-19 crises makes him one.

Above all:

Building of structures at KMA, His tenure of office saw all the nine (9) Sub Metro’s structures perfected ie. Sub Metro Councils, Town Councils etc.  It is no wonder five of the sub metro’s got upgraded to Municipal status. In 2019 out of the whole country, KMA became the first in the Sanitation contest earning the Assembly 400,000.00. Euros.

When he took office, the Kejetia project was below 45% in construction and was able to solve all litigations that were halting the project. Now the first phase and has been able to do Validation, Exhibition and allocation. Under his auspices Kejetia second phase has started not foregetting several achievement earned for the assembly.

Completion and re-modernisation of Prempeh Assembly Hall, Rattray Park. Krofrom Market which was abandoned has seen the light.

Bus Rapid Transport Project.

Under his leadership, the assembly is selected to benefit from Municipal Investment Funding.

It is so disappointing that someone who is expected to come out with a more intelligent debate would raise such baseless point. It is infamy and obloquy to both. It is evident that this is a calculated attempt to tarnish the hard-earned image of Osei Assibey Antwi. A patriotic citizen would make great submissions to help build the city of Kumasi.

During  the four year period, there weren’t such submissions from them. They had to wait after a four-year period to come out with this malicious comment. It is therefore obvious that they are mischievously setting an agenda to ruin the hard work of Osei Assibey. I condemn their comments, if anything at all, we should rather give the Mayor all our professional support to develop Kumasi. “






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