fake prophets are misbehaving in Ghana!!! Bishop Agyin Asare gives reason…a must read



Presiding Bishop for Perez Chapel International  Bishop Charles Agyin Asare has given reasons over why fake “men of God” are lately misbehaving so much in Ghana and across the world.

The Internationally acclaimed healing Evangelist said during the night of 28th May 2020 that the ongoing ecclesiastical blunder and doubts as to whether the power of God is real are happening because genuine and authentic POWER OF GOD is not demonstrated so much for many to see. gathered from the statement of the soul-winning evangelist on PTV as these words streamed from his lips; “…the reason why we have so called men of God and so called women of God misbehaving and doing what they like is because the real and authentic power of God, many are not seeing”.

Playing a lead role in televised fasting and prayer program, he gave Judges 21:25 as a precedent, explaining  that the Biblical Israelites in the old testament behaved badly by doing what appeared right in their own eyes owing to the reason that they were not seeing the power of God.

Bishop Agyin set the record straight that in the greatest demonstration of God’s power, enemies submit themselves.


“This does not mean that it (demonstration of God’s power) is not happening. It is happening but we want to make sure that many people are seeing it. We want to make sure that it is not just the Bishops or the Apostles or the Prophets or the Evangelists. But we want it to be like the early Church were ordinary believers…deacons like Stephen. Bible says God did much signs and wonders through Stephen…If there was a time when we should pray for the power of God, it should be now”.

By Enock Akonnor, Editor-in-Chief



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