Fairtrade certified producers support fight against Covid-19



Fairtrade Certified Producer Organisations in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire are supporting the fight against COVID-19 by providing their members with personal protective equipment and sanitary items, as well as the creation of public awareness in their communities.

In Ghana, cooperatives like Asunafo North Farmers Union, West Akyem and ABOCFA cooperative have embarked on a series of sensitization efforts in their communities to help prevent the spread of the disease.

In Cote d’Ivoire, cooperatives have also embarked on education campaigns partly with support from the Conseil Café Cacao.

Asunafo North Farmers Union- the finalist of this year’s Fairtrade Awards, award winner of the 2019 Most Formalised Cooperative of the Year for the Ghana Cocoa Awards and a beneficiary of Fairtrade’s West Africa Cocoa Programme on Friday 10th April donated cash and sanitary items to the Municipal Health Directorate of the community in the Ahafo Region of Ghana.

The cooperatives also donated items and a cash amount to the municipal office for the National Commission on Civic Education to be distributed to the communities around Asunafo.


The donation was done partly with funding from Tony’s Chocoloney and Mondelez’s Cocoa Life.

Tony’s sponsored the cooperative with funds that supported the purchase of 1200 pieces of 200ml sanitizers and 1375 pieces of 500ml of liquid soap.

The union itself also sponsored with 250 gallons with a tap that aids in fetching water, and 600 bottles of 500ml liquid soap both for hand washing.

For their part, the cooperative provided these items with funds from their Fairtrade premium.




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