Fairtrade Africa Executive Director Pays Working Visit To Ghana

Executive Director of Fairtrade, Dr. Argent Chuula, paid a working visit to Ghana from the 18th -25th March 2021.

As part of his field visit, he met with Fairtrade certified small producer organisations, partners and engaged with stakeholders on Fairtrade Africa’s operations.

Dr. Chuula interacted with Producers under the Alliances for Sankofa project which highlights dynamic agroforestry practices to support farmers address climate and environmental degradation.

He also visited Golden Exotics and Volta River Estates Limited, Fairtrade certified banana exporters and held meetings with Kuapa Kooko Farmers Union where he met with the Leadership, Management and some producers of these organisations.

The Executive Director paid a courtesy call at the AfCFTA Secretariat, where he met with Mr, Mohammed Ali, Director of Trade in Goods.

He also paid a courtesy call the Regional Minister of Ahafo Region where Asunafo North and Kukuom Farmers Union, some of Fairtrade certified producers are located.

Asunafo North Farmers Union won the global small producer of the year at the Fairtrade awards and the Most Formalised Cooperative of the Year at the maiden edition of the Ghana Cocoa Awards.

Fairtrade remains committed to creating trading and market opportunities for producers. In Ghana, Fairtrade provides certification support to producer organisations, reaching more than 121,900 farmers.

The organisation provides support for producers in agricultural commodities such as cocoa, banana, citrus, shea, mango and other dried fruit.

In 2019, Fairtrade premium received by Ghanaian producer organisations was a total of Eur 1,265,327 for all sales of produce under Fairtrade terms.

Through Fairtrade premiums, producer organisations have been able to embark on community development projects such as health facilities, schools, teachers’ bungalows as well as income diversification projects and the establishment of Village Savings & Loans Associations to support farmers.


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