Face Mask Is Causing More Harm Than Good in Ghana. Here Are The Reasons

Recently we have been shocked to the marrow my a deadly pandemic.

Because of that, it became more expedient that we observe all the directives issued by the president and ministry of health.

Among the many directives given by WHO was the wearing of face mask.

According to my analysis, litany of problems have been identified with this initiative.

Before we move into the details of the subject let us understand this;


The human lungs are filled with the oxygen that we inhale.

The only route through which the oxygen gets to the lungs is the nasal airways or what we all know as the nose.

After the oxygen gets to the lungs, it distributes deoxygenated blood from the heart that gets to the lungs through the pulmonary artery with the oxygen so that it can become oxygenated blood and be useful to the system.

Now please understand that whenever we put on face mask this process is limited and as a result , this can lead to serious complications.

Our brain relies on only oxygen and glucose to function very effectively and so if for any reason it did not get oxygen ,problems like dizziness, headache ,seizures and excessive carbon dioxide in blood may be experience.

Let us practice these to avoid the above complications

A. Only wear your face mask when going to the public not when at home with your family.

B. Fix your face mask when you discover that you cough or sneezes.

C. Never put on your nose mask to sleep.

D. If you are an asthmatic patient, please do not always put it on but avoid public always.

Here are poor face mask hygiene in Ghana

Research conducted by myself in Ghana has disclosed that soo many people do not wash their face mask on daily basis before using it the next time.

Do you know that this is highly dangerious?

You put on the face mask to trap Coronavirus from entering your nose right?

So what it means is that if you leave your face mask unwashed in your room and your kids play with it they can be infected if you mask comea into contact with the virus.

All your family members can be infected due to that.

Another ‘wahal’ that I discovered was poor disposal of unwanted face mask.

Let us all avoid this.

Kids do not think like adults. Whenever they see something like that on the floor they play with it .

When this happens the outcome will be very dangerous.

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Source; Opera News

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