extreme xenophobic attacks hit Ghanaians in China, citizens disappointed in gov’t



Ghanaians living in China including blacks have come under an extreme xenophobic and racial crisis following a label placed on them by the Chinese government, describing them as those who imported coronavirus into the country, leakynews.net has been hinted.

A high level of discrimination characterizes the state of affairs as most Ghanaians including blacks have been ejected from their place of residence by Chinese house owners, rejected by hotels and left to wander on the streets with no alternative for survival. Others according to reports have been fired at their work place by their superiors premised on the false stigma in question.

Regular black immigrants lodging in the country have also kept themselves indoors close to over four months now in other to escape the ongoing mandatory testing and additional 14-day quarantine regardless of whether they tested positive for covid-19 – a new approach adopted by the Chinese government on all black nationals.


On a morning show program done today by Angel Fm 96.1mhZ, Ghanaian citizens living in China shared that they are currently repulsive to natives of china insofar that they (Chinese) don’t get close to them anymore.

“They move away from us even in public amidst fears and point fingers at us as though we have been infected or are carriers of the virus. We have now become a health threat to their community and because of this fallacious tag, they always avoid us”, a foreign caller disclosed in a phone-in-interview.

As a top up to their injuries, they revealed further that the local authorities have sent out a strong notice to Chinese land lords, ordering them never to rent out a room to black people. This they disclosed has left several homeless.

Despite all the predicaments, Ghana Ambassador to China according to them appears insensitive to the level of mistreatment they are going through. “He is now a ‘spokesperson’ for the China government and is in full support of their approach (mandatory testing and quarantine) .

They also bashed His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo for proving weak as in addressing the situation. They are badly embittered over why Ghana government has until now failed to come to their rescue.

Diplomatic anger

The city, and the government in Beijing, are now facing a full-blown diplomatic crisis and PR disaster amid accusations of racism. A group of African ambassadors in Beijing wrote a letter of complaint to the Chinese government about the “stigmatisation and discrimination” being faced by Africans. Other African diplomats, facing domestic pressure, have held discussions with representatives from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Many African countries will be particularly disappointed given how much their diplomats have spoken up for China on the international stage. African governments have supported China on issues including its membership of the UN in the 1970s, territorial disputes in the South China Sea and treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief


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