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Extortion At Security Check Point…Tomato Truck Drivers Expose Officials At Kpalugu

Tomato truck drivers at Race Course market have exposed transport officials at a check point at Kpalugu over their engagement in bribery and corruption.

The level of financial extortion according to them is so high that, some chairmen of transport unions in the area make bribery demands of Ghs 600 and over from drivers even after securing a permit for passage.

According to them, a driver’s failure to comply will necessitate his refusal of passage and subjection to brutalities.

Two divers named Kofi Nti and Richard Yankey narrated at a press briefing in Kumasi that they were severely beaten up by police personnel manning the check point last Saturday under the orders of chairmen who they named as Yaw Banna, Massa Wudu, all because they failed to make a bribery payment.

They told the press that they duly acquired their permit but were manhandled by the police.

They have therefore called on authorities to step in, fish out and prosecute corrupt officials in the area.

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