Exclusive list of 21 prophecies by Prophet Owusu Bempah’s for year 2021

NPP’s spiritual commando, Prophet Owusu Bempah, has made it into the news once again with his terror-filled 31st December watch night prophecies.

The courageous cum vociferous cleric who many people have labelled as a lotto forecaster because most of his prophecies fail to manifest dropped 31 prophecies yesterday.

Amongst the 21 prophecies, the founder and leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministry counselled the NDC not to waste money and time on their election petition because the party will lose.

Take a look at 21 prophecies Rev Owusu Bempah churned out during 2020 31st watchnight service.

1. NDC should not waste time on election petition because they will lose- Death of a Great King in Ghana

2. A certain religious leader who is very old will die in 2021

3. Death of a certain man of God

4. Prayer for somebody who has ruled Ghana before. A certain political party in Ghana will have a huge funeral
Death of a certain politician who is likely to lead the nation of Ghana

5. The death of someone who has controlled and managed the finances of Ghana either past or present.

6. Strange things are going to happen in Ghana and the world-

6. There will be rampant fire outbreaks

7. There will be an earthquake in Ghana in 2021

8. A great musician may die in 2021.

9. A great leader in the NPP and NDC will die.

10. I saw a political party in confusion and it was all over the media. –

11. Drivers should be very careful because there’s going to be accidents on our roads

12. A great leader in Nigeria will die.

12. France was covered with black clouds
Britain will be hit by the death of a leader

13. A former leader in USA will die in 2021

14. There will be floods and fir outbreaks in America

14. There will also be a flood in Ghana.

15 There will be a coup d’etat in Ghana if we don’t pray hard etc.

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