“Evans Nimako Can’t Rule Kwadaso From Accra”- My Candid Rebuttal

Kwadaso Constituency has had a checkered history of perennial Polling Station Executives Elections problems over the years.

The creation of an album during the 2020 primaries brought the constituency into the public eyes for all the bad reasons; there were two albums duly signed by the Constituency Chairman Mr Yaw Bonna Boadi.

It took the intervention of the General Secretary of the party Hon. John Boadu before a compromise Album was used to organise the parliamentary primaries after all the constituencies in the country have had their primaries conducted.

Kwadaso Constituency was the last to do its primaries all because of polling stations executives album.

According to Hon Kofi Karikari (former youth organiser), he thought the Party would have used the recent Polling Station Executives Elections to save face and solve this perennial problem but that wasn’t the case.

He was quick to add that, he still believe in the good judgment of the Party’s national leadership to solve this problem to enhance their chances of breaking the Eight to consolidate the gains made so far.

According to Mr Andrews Fordjour (Chairman of Kwadaso Constituency Electoral Areas Coordinators) when the Party inaugurated it’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee in the quest to
solving the various electoral problems, he led a group of Electoral Area Coordinators to petition the ADR committee and that, another two additional groups also petitioned the ADR committee from the Kwadaso constituency.

Mr Fordjour said, their petition was not called by the Madam Cecilia Abena Dapaah led ADR committee for the fact that two disgruntled members of the party in the constituency were in court.

The committee assured them of calling them anytime when they made a follow up on their petition.

According to Mr Fordjour, they were extremely happy when Mr Evans Nimako (Research and Elections) confirmed that, the Kwadaso Constituency Executives Elections were on hold due to a petition before the ADR committee in an interview he granted to a Kumasi based OTEC FM.

According to Nana Osei when this interview recordings was played to Dr Kingsley Nyarko, he said to his K4K fun club whose members he has drifted into the Polling Station Executives album without elections that

“He Evans Nimako can’t rule Kwadaso from Accra, we are going ahead with our elections on Sunday and nothing will happen. I will call him and tell him my piece of mind”.

When Gary Nimako posted a picture of them after the court case didn’t he Evans Nimako write congratulations?

So why the double standards?

You guys don’t worry,I am working for Chairman Wontumi and Dr Bawumia and I don’t think any of them will allow the committee to thwart our efforts.”

When we Contacted Abu Mahama, one of plaintiffs in the recent court case, he said ” I knew that this will happen, because he Dr Kingsley Nyarko once told me that, the powers behind him are powerful than any power wielded by any party executive and that what he does can’t be challenged by anyone.”

This was the reason why I went to the court because I didn’t want to put any national executive into trouble because they can be sanctioned by the powers that be for speaking the truth, and righting the wrongs, he added.

When asked whether he was surprised about what was going on, he said ” I am happy I am not part of the groups whose petitions are before the ADR committee because they won’t get any fair hearing. Not that the National Executives don’t know the truth, they know but they need to protect someone’s interest as Dr Kingsley Nyarko rightly said ”
When asked about his court case and aftermath, he said ” I think posterity will judge my call in the positive light that I did everything ought to be done to have a fair judgement but I think you’ve all heard or read what Justice Frederick Tetteh said, I leave it to people with conscience to judge”
When asked about his advice for the three groups whose petitions are before the ADR committee, he said ” Let them keep on going through the processes, the powers behind Dr Kingsley Nyarko can’t control the party and the courts forever, when it is time, God will speak and the truth will stand out”
He added that ” today Dr Kingsley Nyarko can say the man in-charge of Research and Elections can’t control Kwadaso Elections but rather he has that powers, but he should remember that there is an end to everything,and there’s always a day call tomorrow”

Article by Stephen Asamoah-0577413460

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