Enough Of Foreign Drugs!! Scent Leaf And Milk Will Cure These Diseases



Please get this straight before it’s too late.

Understand that home grown medication will consistently standout amongst other therapeudic and accessible herbal methods for the treatment if disease in Africa.

Scent leaves and bitter leaf are known to be very outstanding among other home grown Leafs vis-à-vis treating numerous basic infections.

To start with, get around 20 to 30 fragrance leaf and crush to get the juice.

Move the juice into a cup and include two Spoons of milk and small amount of salt.


Drink it two times every day (morning and night)

Provided below are some of the diseases it can cure;

1. For stomach hurt and other medical conditions identifying with stomach. Functions admirably for the runs and stooling.

2. Ulcer : this medication is successful for treating ulcer. Simply take one spoonful multiple times day by day.

3. Diabetes and high sugar levels: take as recommended previously

4. Hypertension and hypertension: take as recommended previously

5. For hack and respiratory parcel contaminations: take morning and night for 3 days.

Thank you very much for your time.

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