Eiiish As3m Aba!!! Black Sheriff Pays Last Respect To Sister Mariana



Oh my God!!!

Black Sheriff otherwise called Kwaku Frimpong was able to win the hearts of Ghanaians with his incredibly genuine lyrics.

In his series of “Sermons,” the young and vibrant musician describes the tales of his life in Accra after he left Konongo.

Truly, he added a chorus where he said “Kwaku Frimpong de asem beba,” which translates as Kwaku Frimpong will bring troubles.

In his rendition, he made mention of a certain woman called Sister Mariana.


In his 2nd track, he observed a minute of silence for this deceased lady and added a message for her.

He went further by pledging to explain many of his decisions to her when they meet in Heaven.

Clearly, he would be reprimanded for many of his life choices.

Well, today, Frimpong Kwaku paid his last respect to Sister Mariana in a more sorrowful manner.

Whatever Sister Mariana did to Black Sheriff, she must be very special and influential.

In life, you will always find someone who will be of great asset to you.

Sadly, many of those people do not last long in life to see your success.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.

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