Eating Gari And Beans Makes Brain Function Better

Gari and beans is a delicacy enjoyed by many but the sad truth is that many consumers are not privy to the health benefits it offers.

Well provided below are some of them:

1. Energy

Much energy is given to the body when one eats gari and beans popularly know as ‘Gorberh’ in Ghana.

Gari is rich in starch and serves as source of energy to the body.

2. Repairs body worn-out tissues:

The Beans and egg found in ‘Gorberh’ has considerable amount of iron and protein. Protein according to science study helps to repair worn-out tissues in the body.

The beans in ‘Gorberh’ regularly helps people who may be less likely to die of a heart diseases.

3. Reduction in bad cholesterol level:

Bad Cholesterol in the body system contribute to heart diseases. Fatty food substances build up in the arteries forces the heart to pump blood which may even lead to high blood pressure. The palm oil in ‘Gorberh’ may help reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood stream and arteries. This protects the heart from diseases.

4. Vitamins:

The vegetables eaten with ‘Gorberh’ such as onions, spring onions, pear and carrots are rich in providing vitamins to the body. Vitamins helps the immune system to be strong which fights against diseases and other infections that may come into the body system.

5. Promotes brain function:

Eating Gari and Beans ‘Gorberh’ helps the brain to function well. The ripe plantain eaten alongside produces Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, which generates several important neurotransmitters that carry information from one cell to another.

This helps the brain to function well. If you don’t eat gari and beans, you are losing so much health benefits.

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