Eat these foods to avoid loosing your sight as you age



It is an open knowledge that as one ages,the efficiency of his or her body runs down.

It is so common to discover a lot of old people complaining about their sight nowadays.

Majority have resorted to using spectacles .It is difficult treating it at such old old age since the body cannot undergo surgeries or withstand some drugs due to how weak the body has become.

Premised on that i would like to give you some few health tips to help maintain and improve the eyesight.

1.Cod-liver oil


We should consider taking some cod -liver oil since it very rich in vitamin A.Vitamin A helps to produce rhodopsin which is an eye pigment and helps in seeing in dim light.Cod-liver oil can be found in fishes a lot.So we should consider eating fishes a lot too.Better still,we can purchase cod-liver oil that has been packaged in bottles.This will help a lot.


The liver is also another good source of vitamin A.This is because animals store their vitamin A in their livers.Not only vitamin A but other essential nutrients as well.So in general,it has a lot of health benefits including helping with eyesight.

3.Green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables are not to joke with with.They contain all vitamins apart from vitamins B1 and D.Since they contain vitamin D,they help with eyesight.They also prevent eyesores,skin disorders,cracking at the corners of the mouth and also tongue sores.


The egg yolk contains all the essential vitamins part from vitamin

Since it contains Vitamin D,it helps to maintain good eyesight.It is also very important since it helps with with blood clotting,normal functioning of the heart.normal functioning of the nervous system and also helps to stimulate appetite.

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