eat these 11 super foods to boost your erection



Healthy life is achieved by healthy eating of natural foods.

Natural foods are specifically good for natural health without side effects.

It aids in boosting your immune system and gives you the strength to overcome any ailment.

Male erectile deficiency is very worrisome, and when it is not treated, it will destroy the self confidence of a man.


It is of much relevance to note that, every man at a stage will be weak due to the number of intakes of non-natural foods, and work schedules or load.

To avoid these stressful event, you must begin to eat or consume more of these natural foods to eliminate any malfunctions.

1. Avocados.

Avocados are good stimulants that helps the general body fight cancer related disease and contains potassium more than banana which promotes strength and stamina.


Carrots are very good for male vitality. It is rich in fiber, vitamin k1 and beta carotene which fights internal diseases. It promotes sperm formation and increases libido in men and enhances stronger manhood.


Cacumbers are naturally good in antioxidants that fights fungal and bacterial diseases, a promotes easy flow of blood into the prostrate glands, and rich in vitamins.


Onions are very low in calories but high in nutrients and contains anti cancer components. It boost bone density, and controls sugar level in humans. Men stands the chance to enhance or decrease erectile deficiency.


Honey is rich in phenols and other antioxidants components. They easily help in releasing blood flow into the manhood.


Garlics are very low in cholesterol and has an antioxidants properties of Allicin. It regulates blood pressure and decrease the chances of erectile malfunction in men.

7. Beet root.

Beet root are great source of fiber, vitamins D, potassium, iron, magnesium and vitamins C. The blended beet root juice will help the male organ recieve easy flow of blood which is vital in erectile functionality.

8. Oyster

Oysters and naturally good food rich in zinc which is and essential elements in boosting the testosterone production and maintenance of good healthy sperm. It helps in increasing libido in men and contains dopamine.

9. Red wine.

Red wine is essentially a good stimulants for good erectile functionality. It contains antioxidants that prevents coronary artery diseases. It enhances easy flow of blood into to the prostrate glands.

10. Watermelon.

Watermelon contains mineral components that prevents and relieves muscle soreness. It kills sores in the prostrate glands.


Bananas are very respectable sources of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium which gives you good energy, and promotes or enhances erectile functionality.

Good health comes by healthy living and good food. It is very essential to take these natural foods to into consideration at least, eat one to three of these in a day.

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