Early Ejaculation? Try these 5 remedies, don’t joke with number 4

Early ejaculation or premature ejaculation means the release of sperm from the male uncontrollably, during sexual intercourse.

This is one of the most common sexual problems faced by most men.

It happens when a man ejaculats sooner than when a partner expects.

Some women call such men roosters. Isn’t that embarrassing?

One of the most effective herbs for its treatment is garlic juice..

Natural treatment.

– Put a teaspoon of garlic powder into a glass cup of water and use it to make tea.

– drink it jealously everyday until the condition improves (maybe in a week interval depending on your concern of its dosage)

– learn to chew two-four raw garlic cloves; it improves blood circulation in the body, including in the penis.

Tested and trusted.

1)Garlic for sperm motility

Garlic carries two great elements; allicin, which improves blood flow to the penis and protects sperm from damage and selenium which improves sperm motility. Eat a clove a day and cook your meals with it.

2) Bananas for libido adding banana to your daily meal. Banana has an enzyme called bromelain and has been found to increase male sex drive and libido. The plus is they are also an excellent source of vitamin B which gives you energy for sex.

3)Tiger nuts


5) Coconut

Soak tiger nut over night in water …..

Blend the above mentioned together put water to be moderate

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