Drug Trafficking Monies Are Used To Sponsor Political Parties In Ghana- Dr. Terry



A renowned Physician Assistant Dr. Terry Kessie has made a shocking disclosure that a higher percentage of the monies earned from drug trafficking are used to sponsor political parties in Ghana.

He defended his claim in an exclusive interview with www.leakynews.net, saying that drug trafficking is a big market and that there are big men in Ghana who are behind it.

The foregoing according to him has made the fight against substance abuse in Ghana very difficult because these same people produce and sell those drugs.

He lamemted that “these people producing and selling the drugs do not use them. They make money out of it and these monies are used to sponsor political parties and other programs and therefore the trade cannot stop”.

Dr. Terry stressed that the addictive nature is such that when they sell the drugs on the market and make their profit, people always yearn for the drugs and so the demand is always high.


“I tell you. If you should find yourself in the drug business you will be a billionaire and therefore stopping it is very difficult.

Assuming I am in the helm of affairs in government and I am in the drug business and then you come to talk to me about trying to find solution to substance abuse menace.

What solution can i get for you? Because stopping it means i will be out of business and i am using money earned from it to sponsor my political party”

Source; www.leakynews.net

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