Driving Too Slowly Is Dangerous, This Will Happen To Your Engine

Hello my lovely readers, today this medium offers you a tutelage on the dangers associated with driving too slow.

Please kindly avoid super slow acceleration.

Are you aware that whenever you accelerate too slowly, it prevents your auto from normal driving conditions and can put wear on the transmission and engine? This is serious.

Idealy, you should probably drive at about the same speed as the autos around you.

Some people try to be too economical whenever driving just because they think in doing that, they will be saving fuel by keeping the engine revs low.

The truth of the matter is that driving a high gear or better still at a too low speed creates unnecessary strain on the engine and can damage your cylinder heads, leading to expensive repairs.

Now the opposite of a speeding violation is a violation for driving too slowly which can cause a serious hazard by blocking the flow of traffic.

So I think that on many occasions, I you should drive a car hard.

Running the car hard helps to keep all parts of the engine active.

It also helps the oil get to all the parts it needs to.

In addition to that, it burns off all the rubbish sediments from the petrol and oil that is lying around the engine.

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  1. Under speeding is equally dangerous as over spending.
    The police can pull you out and even give you the ticket

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