Don’t think you have won – Pastor Mensah Otabil

The General Overseer and founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Pastor Mensah Otabil, has overtime demonstrated to Ghanaians what it means to be a true representative of God.

In his most of his teachings, the Man of God never fails to stress on the need for us to do good.

Pastor Mensah Otabil has establish a good reputation for himself in the sense that, he is one of the most prominent Servant of God Ghanaians listen to.

Not just listening to him, but his words are never taken for granted.

Consequent to the Elections and other activities that has been going on in the country, Pastor Mensah Otabil has a very powerful message for the good people of Ghana.

Speaking on the Living Word program today, He disclosed that there are many Christians who fall back and relax after they have achieved what they wished for in life.

“But this should not be the case, because we protect what we have achieved and not slumber after we have. After you have prayed for all that you wish for, don’t think you have won but rather, continue pressing on.”

He continued to speak on the need for Ghanaians to hold onto God in this trying times, so that no one will fall into temptation.


Source; Opera News

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