Don’t Say “I’m Looking For A Job”, It’s Ungrammatical. Say This Instead

The Queen’s language which is English is a popular language most people speak.

However, a number of people commit much blunder anytime they speak it.

I am sure this is happening because we speak different languages because of our numerous ethnic groups.

Also our mother tongue distorts our fluency when communicating in English language but that doesn’t mean we have to continue speaking wrongly.

In today’s article, we will be looking at most common and at the same time wrong English expressions and the correct ones to use.

Provided below are some of them;

1. It is not correct to say “He is matured” The correct expression is “He is mature”.

2. Do not say “I slept by 9pm yesterday Night”. Instead say “I went to bed by 9pm yesterday” this is because 9pm signifies night so if you add night to this expression you are commiting blunder and besides no one knows the actual time he/she sleeps.

3. Do not say “I am looking for a job” this is ungrammatical and can lead to your disqualification in any professional institution.

Rather what you should say is “I am seeking employment”.

This is simple and correct.

4. Do not say “Eat Alone and Die Alone” this is very common but actually incorrect and has no grammatical backing.

Most people are seeing for this first time. The correct expression to use is “Eat Alone and Dine Alone” it is not suppose to be the other way round so kindly take note.

5. Do not say “A Typist is wanted” this is totally wrong and makes the whole thing look unprofessional. The right expression is “A Typist is needed”.

6. Never say “I want to go to the HOD of my Department” this is tautology because HOD is the short way of saying Head Of Department . The right expression is “I want to go to the HOD”. Or say it in full “I want go to the Head of my Department”

I hope you have learnt something new today.

Thank you very much for reading.

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