Stop saying “I’m hungry” or “I’m thirsty”. It sounds too local. Say this instead

Notwithstanding the fact that our lingua Franca is English language, we still make certain errors while speaking English or when trying to say something’s in the English language

One of the common grammatical mistakes people make in English is using the expression “I am hungry” or “I am thirsty” not knowing that these expressions are too informal and shouldn’t be used in official places.

But in this article you are going to learn the best expressions to use whenever you want to say that you are hungry, or you are thirsty.

On this note therefore, I want you to know that saying “I am hungry” is informal and not supposed to be used. It is more professional and correct to say “I am farmished” or more idiomatic “I could eat a horse”.

Also, instead of saying, “I am thirsty“, it better off to say “I am parched“. Take note of the correction and avoid further embarrassment from people.

Source; opera news

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