Don’t only eat plantain. See how leaves and root cure gonorrhea, ulcer and skin diseases




Dry the peel of Plantain and grind into a powdered form.

Mix the powder with little Natural Honey and take one teaspoonful four times daily.


The leaves collected from plantain tree, cleanses and heals the skin.


Make poultice from the plantain leaves by grinding it into a powdered form and mix with little Palm kernel oil or Olive oil.

where there is no Palm kernel oil or Olive oil, mix the powder with little water and apply to the skin as cosmetic.


Plantain root juice is very efficacious in the treatment of Gonorrhea, Staphylococcus and Syphilis not older than Six months in the body system, traditional herbal doctors kept this as secret information from the public and they used in treating and healing their patients.

After washing the root, make sure it is not infected. Extract the juice by means of either pounding locally in a mortar it juice machine.

Do away with the chaff, add small amount of honey to the juice and take four table spoonful of it every morning on empty stomach and evening for 60 days.

Use this method for all sexually transmitted diseases that is less than 12 months in the body.

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