How To Know If Your Car Tyre Has Expired. Don’t Ignore



Without car tyres, a car cannot move and it is very cardinal that as a driver, from time to time, one needs to check the expiration dates of his or her car tyres.

Do you have knowledge on the fact that car tyres also have an expiration dates?

Every tyre of any vehicle has an expiration date after which must be replaced.

This is because there is a strong risk of the tyre exploding which can be very dangerous in the course of a journey.

Please do not forget that, the safe life of any car tyre is up to four years from the date of manufacture.


Now I bet you thinking how to see the expiration date of your car tyres.

Well, it is written as four digits on each tyre. The first two digits represent the week of preparation, while the last two represent the year of preparation.

These four digits are written separately on the tyre, with no alphabet added.

Remember that some companies also make a star sign (*) before and after the four digits.

For example, let’s assume this four digits are 4314.

It means that the tyre was manufactured in the 43rd week of the year 2014.

That is, the tyre will expire in the 43rd week of 2018 [four years time]. So you have to change the tires after this date.

Kindly note that some companies do not state the date of manufacture on the tyres. This is a very serious crime.

Buying tyres without looking at the manufacturing history is like using tires without looking at the expiration date.

Kindly know that, a flat tire endangers the lives of all passengers on board a car.

So now that you know this, take a little trouble, go to your car and bend down to check your tyre manufacture date, and remember the expiration date of up to 4 years so that you and your loved ones are safe in every journey you embark on.

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