Did you know these 3 benefits of Enema (b3ntoa)? Number 4 will amaze you



There are still some experiences that I remember very well when I was in the primary school many years back.

I am going to put down a short memoir about one of those experiences.

We were four students living with our grandmother in a rural town.

One among us was a very bad boy and sometimes his mischief affected us all.

We all were classified as bad boys when one of us committed anything bad.


The kind of punishment reserved for us anytime our grandmother grew angry was to insert a type of herb ground and mixed with pepper or ginger and inserted deep into our rectum.

The premise of this punishment was to make us feel the burning effect of the pepper or ginger in our rectum to deter us from being bad boys.

Any moment we had this treatment we were forced to visit the toilet to expose our anus to get some fresh air to cool the place.

Sometimes our grandmother gave us another option that was similar but not considered as punishment and that was having water-based enema with a syringe which had the same effect as the first one.

Whilst we as children thought having enema was punishment our grandmother knew he was curing us of flatulence, constipation and other stomach illnesses.

Enema is the injection of a water-based herbal concoction into the rectum with a syringe.

It has the below listed benefits, among others:

· It can treat constipation by clearing your bowels;

·It makes your bowel movements easier;

· It improves digestion of food in your stomach;

· It improves your immunity and your well-being;

· It eliminates accumulated fat from your body;

·It hels remove toxins from your body;

· It enhances mental clarity.

I know enema is basically a home treatment solution because nobody ever told me he had one at a hospital or medical centre.But a great care must be exercised in the use of herbs and medicines used for enema at home.

Today just a few mothers use this process to treat their children because they consider it to be an old-fashioned way of treating a sick child or a process used by old women. But consider that children who benefit from this treatment are always healthy and strong.

I once suffered from an unusual condition where I felt to ease myself but on the toilet it was difficult for the feces to come out. It was not a case of constipation too. I had to quickly prepare some soapy water to enema to force the fucking shit out before I was relieved.

Usually the best time to have an enema is in the morning after your first bowel movement. Doing this once in a month will go a long way in reaping the benefits associated with it.

Source; Opera News

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