Don’t ever say these words to your mother if you want to live long

Do you sometimes feel like letting it all out whenever your mum is scolding you? or sometimes you just want to say your mind to her, damning all the consequences after all we all have freedom of speech, right ?.

To define who a mother is most times is very difficult as one cannot find words to use to describe who a mother is.

It is perpetual to everyone, because to me my mum could be this and to Kwame his mum might be something else. But if you closely examine it, you will see words that define who a mother is in general.

A mother is the only woman who will stand by you in all facets of live so long as she is still alive.

Mothers go through a lot than they say, most of them do not even say anything they go through especially single moms, who are raising their kids single handedly.

My mother single handedly raised a family of 6, give me a definition of superhero and I’ll wait.

In this article, we are going to be looking at words you should never use on your mum, if you really want to live long in life.

1- Don’t use words that will compare her to other mothers or persons in the society.

Sometimes we are tempted to compare our mothers with other people’s mum and we say words like “Can’t you be like Kwame’s Mum ? “.

When we use words like that we fail to understand that it hurts them deeply, because they feel less appreciated after all they’ve done for you.

2- Sometimes you can get very angry and pissed off that we just go black on everyone including our mum, and you say words like “I don’t want to ever see you again or I don’t want to talk to you again”.

These words hurt more than sticks and stones. Your mum’s presence should be something you should always crave for.

3- Have you been in a situation where you felt you’re being cheated or your parents are being biased ?

Yes people actually feel that way whenever their parents tend to favor a sibling over another.

When you feel that way, try not to use words like “You love my brother/sister more than… ” On them.

Instead take time to think within yourself what you’re not doing right at the moment, and what your siblings are actually doing to secure whatever favors they’ve been securing.

4- “I wish you weren’t my Mum”.

Don’t for any reason, no matter how angry or grievous you’re say these words to your mum.

You will end up breaking her. Mothers also slide into depression, the earlier you know this the better for you. Always cherish your mum, even when you are angry.

When you use these words on our mother, they might be tempted to curse you, and the curse of a pained or broken mother always takes effect.

And whenever you make your mother cry, it’s certain that you might not live long here on earth because God hears the cry of a mother.

Source; Opera news

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