Don’t do these 3 things to your Pastor, they can make God very angry

A very famous English adage says that “an assault on the Queens’s men or representative, is an assault on the Queen herself.”

Our pastors or ministers are not God, however they are His representative.

If we treat them well, we treat God well, but when we look down on them, we despise God also.

So, I have carefully selected three things you should never do to your pastor if you don’t want to see God’s wrath upon your life.

1. Don’t ever lie to your pastor

We all remember the story of Ananias and Sapphira at Acts 5:1; they thought that they were lying to the Apostle Peter, but not knowing that they were lying to the Holy Spirit of God. What happened to them? Sometimes, we skip church and lie to our pastors: “I took my mother to the hospital,” meanwhile, he just wanted to watch a football match. We should stay away from that.

We also lie to our pastors when we commit secret sins continually, and come back to church pretending that no one will know. Who judges all things?

2. Do not gossip about your pastor

Most Christians fall short of this; we are always talking behind our pastor to other people. Most times, some of these things that we talk about are not verified, but we make sure to spread it at every corner.

Unknown to many, defamatory messages, either written or spoken by other people about some pastors that we share on social media also contributes to the gossips. Even if you saw your pastor committing a serious sin, and you know that you cannot talk to him about it, then keep it to yourself. Don’t be like Ham!

3. Do not look down on your pastor

It is very true that “familiarity brings contempt,” and if we don’t take care, we may look down on our pastors before we know it. The fact that we stay with them, we know their weaknesses, or perhaps, they are our parents does not mean we can look down upon them.

Most young ministers think that they can preach better, passionately or they possess a gift valuable than their pastors’, so, they begin to look down upon him or them. Even when David was anointed king over Saul, he did not kill him because he is God’s anointed. After Saul’s death, he did not also rejoice because Saul is anointed. We need to be very careful.

Please share this message with people in your home, workplace, community, school and any other place you can bless others. Tell them about Moses’s sister, Miriam’s leprosy. Tell them to honour God’s people for it pleases the Lord. God bless you for sharing his word. Shalom!

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