Don’t die of ulcer. Don’t let it torture you. Try this natural cure



If you are that type of a person suffering from the terrible pains of ulcer it’s now time you get rid of it.

Today am talking lecturing on the simple cure you can make for yourself. It’s purely natural. It cures stomach ulcer and it’s very effective. It also boosts your immune system.

Ulcers develop when the digestive tract lining is weakened by stomach acid.

Here are the steps you should take to cure it.

1. Get a ripe or unripe pawpaw and divide it vertically into two


2. Remove the seeds and dry it under the sun
Do not wash it, let it dry totally.

3. Now use a blender or any grinding material to grind it very smooth.

4. Now soak the grinded pawpaw seed in one litter of hot water.

Drink two to three glass daily for at least three to seven days until symptoms disappear.

Source; opera news

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