Don’t allow Asthma to kill you, use these 2 herbs to treat it quickly

I do not understand the reason why somebody must die of Asthma while lemons, garlic and honey are in abundance.

Apart from these simple remedies, a great number of plants can treat Asthma: Examples are comfrey, vervain, mint, ginseng and nettle.

How To Make A Natural Medicine To Cure It Totally:

Take 3 cloves of garlic, grind and mix with one fruit of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of pure honey.


Take 3 to 5 times daily before meals. Continue this treatment till you see a better change.

(2 – 3 tablespoons best for adults at a time. Children can take 1 tablespoon or teaspoon at a time).

This works gradually to uproot asthma.

Remedy For Serious Cases

In severe asthma attack, just blend two cloves of garlic, put in a teacup and pour hot water over it, add small amount of salt to taste and drink the mixture as hot as you can.

This can cause instant vomiting to clear air passage. You can take another cup of you don’t see good results with one cup. You can do this to save money from buying expensive pills.

Things You Should Avoid To Prevent Attack

1. An Asthmatic patient should avoid all saturated fatty foods and cooking oil. You can use oil, but sparingly; the best ones are soya oil, vegetable oil or corn oil but in little quantity

2. Stop eating sugar white sugar and starchy foods. Too much eating of Gari, white rice, white bread and the heavy starchy foods produce a lot of phlegm and mucus that often block the air passage and make breathing difficult.

3. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

4. Do a lot of exercise in an open air where dust is not common. Do not entertain fears that when you do exercise or train, you will become worst. Breath in more oxygen to cleanse the lungs and it’s passages. Thank you.

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