Doctors Are Still Astonished!! This Plant Cures Over 10 Diseases



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Infact Turkey Berries (Solanum torvum) locally referred to as ‘ kwahu nsusua’ can be found in Ghana, China, Thailand,
the Caribbean, and other parts of the globe.

From the time of Adam, its true values have been recognized and some doctors now highly recommend it in our meals.

In Ghana, Turkey berry has many names given to it depending on where you come from.

Some of those names are “Ama Julie” or “Anona Ntroba” in Fante, “Kwahu Nsusuwa”, “Yaa Asantewa”, “Beduru”, and “Kantosey” by the Gas.


Infact the health benefits of turkey berries are so amazing and we take this post to highlight them.

Provided below are some of the health benefits;

1. Treatment of anaemia

Turkey berries contain lots of iron and it is very good for treating anaemia.

They stimulate the production of red blood cells in the body and keep anemia and it is related diseases at bay.

The berries can be used in soups or stew and consumed daily to increase red blood cell production.

2. Prevention of intestinal worms:

Regular consumption of the berries can help prevent the formation and growth of worms in the intestine.

Dried and powdered berries can be added to gravies and eaten.

3. It helps In the Regulation of Menstruation

Adequate intake of Turkey Berries is good for women since it help in regulations of menstruation with out pain.

4. Treatment of Indigestion and diarrhea

Frequent consumption of ‘kwahu nsusua’ is considered good for digestion and helps to treat indigestion, stomachaches, diarrhea as well as other digestion related problems.

They are capable of neutralizing acid in the stomach therefore making them significant for healing gastric ulcers.

5. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases and strokes

Turkey berries consist of saponins, flavonoids, torvosides, alkaloids, glycosides, etc. which are actually powerful antioxidants that help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, strokes and cancer.

The dried berries made into a powder helps to lower blood pressure and therefore prevent heart attacks.

So including fresh or dried turkey berry in your diet is extremely beneficial for dealing with cardiovascular diseases and strokes problems.

6. Treatment of Cold and Flu

The turkey berries also help in the prevention and healing colds and flu. Use the berries to prepare soup or stew and take.

7. Treatment of Phlegm and mucus

They can help get rid of phlegm and mucus. Dry berries and make it into powder, this will dry up the mucus, helps with asthma, coughing, lung inflammation and other respiratory diseases.

8. It is also used in the prevention and treatment of Kidney disease

9. It is used in the treatment of Pains, redness, and gout

10. Weight Gain

People who are underweight too can also blend raw turkey berries with water and take half a glass last thing before going to bed. Do this together with good diet and you are assured of weight

If we are to list all the health benefits of this plant,we will be writing a full book.

Read this Interesting fact about it.

As a matter of truth, the local name “Kwahu Nsusua” as pronounced is rather “Kwanho Nsusua” meaning Roadside/wayside berries.

In Akan, “Зkwan” is road or way and “nsusua” is berries.

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  1. How should it be used…
    Can it be squeezed and drank directly?
    I know its added to palm…usually over cooked…does it still serve its purpose?

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