Do You Want Your Old Car To Look New? Just Do This When Washing It

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1. Always Use A Car Shampoo When Washing Your Car

Never use a detergent to wash your car. Car shampoos are specially designed to lubricate and clean your car without scratching off the paint of the car.

If you use detergents and soap, very soon your car paint will start fading or peeling off.

Please try and put enough Car Shampoo in the bucket of water you are using to wash your car and scrub your car as if you are polishing it vigorously.

Always remember to use a very soft clothing material to do this.

Use your finger to feel the texture of any clothing material you want to use on your car. If it any away feels rough then do not use it.

2. Make sure you Apply Polish

After washing your car, you can use a very soft clothing material to polish it gently.

Alternatively you can use a simple, clean buffer pad which is cheaper if you are looking to save money.

3. Make Sure You Use A Tyre Shine/Cleanser

After washing the body of your car you can work on the tyres. Use a bucket of water mixed with a good amount of car shampoo to wash the tires.

The material you use in washing your car’s tyres should be a bit rougher than the one you used to wash the body. You should nevet use the same material to wash the tyres and body. Ones used to wash the tyres tend to be dirtier and can transmit that color to the body thereby making it not to shine.

After washing the tyres, apply tyre shine to the tyres. Tyre Shines car make your car tyres look new for many months without even proper washing. You can shop for tyre shines online or get them at local stores if they are available.

Note: Remember to always wash your car with very clean water devoid of any chemicals.

You may avoid tap water if it contains chlorine as the chemical can react with the paint of your car.

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