Do you still throw away a bag of Lipton? Read what it can do for you



Do you always throw away a bag of Lipton after it has been used?
Well would like to share with you some striking health benefits that can transform the lifestyle and environment of users of the herbal tea.

It has a unique quality which helps in the removal of bad Odor and Keeps Insects out.

Used lipton Bag can help in removing of fish and onions or garlic smell from our hands. This is done by simply washing the hands with used lipton bag. Doing this will drive away the bad smell will disappear.

Adding a little Couple of dried used teabags to the lowest of your trashbin, it help in neutralizing any bad odur that is coming from the trashbin.

You have insect like Cockroach, fly, bedbug, beetle etc. simply add used Lipton bag in the area they are, to keep them far away.


Used Tea bags also improves the appearance of the hair.

Used lipton bag can help in grooming and making your hair Shine,This will give your hair a stunning shine.

It has the ability to Stop the teeth from bleeding.

Used lipton tea bags can help in stopping teeth bleeding. If you realise you are bleeding after pulling your tooth, Simply used teabag, put it in cool water and put it where the enamel and it will stop bleeding.

It Helps in Getting rid off The Redness On The Eyes Completely.

The Used tea bags can help Remove the redness around your eyes, and aslo make them look brisker and extra useful It also reduces puffy eyes.

Directions: Soak two tea bags in cold water and leave about 5 minutes. Place the used teabags on your eyes, and allow them stay for a couple of mins.

It Heps In Marinating Meat.

To helps preventing meat from getting tough and hard, you can simply marinate it with used teabags to make it soft.

Interestingly, Used Tea Bags Boost Flavor Of Foods.

It helps in adding flavor to food and boost good flavor by simply adding a drop of 1 or 2 used tea bag inside the pot to bring out the flavor.

Used Lipton Bag Helps In Freshen Carpets & Rugs.

It helps in Freshing the Carpets or Rugs by simply using used teabags to dry it completely, by simply empty the contents of the several used liptop bag in the carpet that you wishes to be freshened.

It also an anti-rusting agent as it helps in stopping rusting of pots and pans.

It can also help in preventing rust from forming to your solid iron cooking utensils.

It Helps in Cleaning Your Home.

Used Lipton can helps in smoothing dirty mirrors, floors or even linoleum.

It Helps In Freshen Your Clothes and Shoes.

Used lipton bag can help in driving away terrible smell in your wardrobe by simply dropping few of it bag around the corner to freshen it.

It helps in Mitigating pain.

It helps in reducing mouth injuries, the used tea bag compounds are used to relieve ache and pains.

It helps In Mitigating Sunburns And Get Rid Of Acne.

Used Tea Bag can help in treating sun burns and acne, by simply Placing the teabag on the affected vicinity and the tea bag will cool it down.

It Helps In Eliminating foot odor

It also helps in killing fungal infections and it nourishing to the pores and skin as nicely by simply soaking your Feet in a used tea bag, and to aslo remove bad odor from your foot.

You can use It To clean Toilet.

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