Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legalized? See Advantages And Disadvantages



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We all know that Marijuana is a dried leaf and flower of Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica plant.

Debates have been going on across the globe whether marijuana should be legalized or not.

Provided below are research on the advantages and disadvantages of Marijuana.

Advantages of marijuana


1) Marijuana manages the body’s system that causes fear and anxiety, helping patients forget painful events and form new memories.

2) Marijuana protects the brain after a stroke. Some research shows that it may reduce the size of the area affected by a stroke and lessen the bruising of the brain after a traumatic injury.

3) Marijuana helps to ease the pain from multiple sclerosis. A study shows that the chemical in marijuana binds to nerve receptors thus reduce pain.

4) It alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy.

5) Marijuana can decrease pain, suppress nausea, and stimulate the appetite.

6) It may also slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

A 2006 study showed that THC blocked the enzyme that produces the amyloid plaques responsible for killing brain cells in Alzheimer patients.

Advantage of Marijuana to the Economy

1) Legalizing marijuana would lead to an improvement in the country’s social welfare.

2) It will Increase tax revenues, job growth and investment opportunities.

Disadvantages of Marijuana

1) Excessive use of marijuana may lead to low birth weight babies which is risky to their health.

2) Abuse among teenager’s can be harmful for the brain development.

3) Risk to others in the community from heavy users of cannabis for example driving under influence, risk of violence in the home.

4) External cost in the long term associated with addiction for example high cost of medication.

Well my dear reader, from the above, do you think marijuana should be legalized?

All answers are welcome.

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