Do you take fruits after eating any of these 2 meals? It is unhealthy



Fruits as we already known is good for our health and this is true because it is filled with lots of vitamins and minerals that are required for the body’s well being.

Even though they are healthy, when taken at the wrong time, they can be unhealthy.

They can form toxic compounds within our body and do more harm then good.

Consuming fruits has the perfect time and the wrong time. Eating fruits on empty stomach (for most fruits though) yeilds the best result and this is the best time to eat majority of fruits we have.

The worse time to eat fruits is immediately after eating.


The negative effect of eating fruit after eating foods are heightened in these two meals which are:


This fibre filled and highly proteinous food doesn’t go down well with fruits. Beans is usually difficult to digest(protein nature) and as a result it stays in the stomach longer. Fruits stimulate cetain enzymic reactions in the stomach and these enzymes work best on empty stomach.

When there is beans and fruits, the mixture causes stomach upset and it happens for a long time till the fruits or eaten beans gets digested fully(weared off by the stomach).


This is a carbohydrate meal and it doesn’t go down well with fruits because the presence of carbohydrate prevents the full breakdown and absorption of the fruits.

Not only these two foods, majority of foods don’t go well with fruits because the combination of fruits and food in the stomach will cause the formation of toxic and unhealthy compounds which we all know is not good.

Adopt a healthy eating habit, don’t eat fruits immediately after eating, always wait for up to an hour or more for full digestion and stomach emptying to occur.

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